Youth Protection

The Scouting program emphasizes learning and fun, but above all that all activities must take place in a safe environment for the youth involved. Scouting provides a "safe haven" for youth.

Troop 355 places the greatest importance on creating this "safe haven" for our youth members. To maintain such an environment we comply completely with the BSA developed procedural and leadership selection policies as well as those of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

While registering as an Adult Leader is optional, compliance with the BSA and Archdiocese of Baltimore Youth Protection policies is required of anyone over 18 years of age wishing to attend or participate in Scouting events including, but not limited to, camping trips, service projects and other outings.

BSA Youth Protection Training

All registered Adult Leaders and individuals 18 years of age or older wishing to participate in Scouting functions must hold a current BSA Youth Protection certificate.

The certificate is produced upon the completion of the BSA Youth Protection course available online here ->

You do not have to have a BSA member id to take the course, simply register as a non-member. Adult Leaders who complete the application process will receive a BSA membership card indicating their BSA id number - that number can then be added to the MyScouting online profile for tracking all online education. Please provide the Membership Coordinator with a copy of your training completion certificate for inclusion in the Troop's Youth Protection Compliance binder. Certification is valid for 2 years - re-certification is REQUIRED to maintain membership in the Troop.

Archdiocese of Baltimore Youth Protection Training

Similar to the BSA course, the Archdiocese of Baltimore Application for Volunteer Service and Youth Protection Training program is REQUIRED for all registered Adult Leaders and anyone 18 years of age or older wishing to attend any Scouting function. The volunteer application process is as follows;

  1. Go to
  3. Select: Begin the registration process
  4. Select your organization: Baltimore (Archdiocese)
  5. Create a user name and password (we suggest using your email address)
  6. Fill in your personal information (name, address, etc.)
  7. Select your primary location: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish (Baltimore).
  8. You are then given an option to select another place that you volunteer.
  9. Select your role at that location (select all that pertain) including "Volunteer with Substantial Contact with Children".
  10. For the "Title or Position of Service" field enter "Boy Scout Adult Volunteer".
  11. Select if you employed or a driver for OLMC.
  12. A driving record check is not required if you are only registering as a scout adult volunteer.
  13. Select the appropriate answers to the 3 questions.
  14. You will then be asked to confirm that you have downloaded /read and understand the Code of Conduct for Church Personnel of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth.
  15. Answer ten questions that pertain to the above documents. (If you give an incorrect answer please click Try Again.)
  16. Identify 3 references ***IMPORTANT – you will be required to get these references to sign a reference document, so select individuals that you interact with locally and frequently. ***
  17. Select the online session to complete: Online or Online in Spanish
  18. Select Complete ESR Background Check. You will need your SS# or International ID#, Driver’s License information, and your last 7 years of residence information
  19. Select the GREEN CIRCLE to begin your training. Training will take approximately 1 to 1½ hours to complete.
  20. Print your certificate when training is complete.

Also attached please find a blank reference sheet. Please have the 3 references identified in step 14 complete, sign and return the completed sheets to the Screening Coordinator listed below.

In order to volunteer:

  1. Training must be complete
  2. Your background check is cleared and marked as “eligible”
  3. The 3 reference letters must be returned to me and verified.

If you have any questions regarding Archdiocese of Baltimore Youth Protection Training, please call or email:

Patty DiVenanzio, Screening Coordinator

410-238-1173 | Fax 410-686-4916

If you have any questions about becoming an Adult Leader with Troop 355 feel free to contact us here.